Soap in Oven Magnet

Soap in Oven Magnet


I made this magnet to put onto my stove when I am CPOPing my soap to mitigate the risk of someone turning on the stove while my soap is in there. When not in use, I stick it to the side of my refrigerator. 


Please note that this is magnetic, so if your oven controls don't have a magnetic surface around them, it will not stick. (I made it big enough to (I hope!) fit most stoves.)  I have an electric Samsung stove, and it works fine.  I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS, so please make sure this will work for you before ordering.  The design is printed on a magnet sheet, so do not get the magnet wet or the colors could run/bleed.


Magnet size is approximately 3.3" wide x 5.45" tall.

  • No Refunds

    Products are made to order, so I do not offer returns or exchanges.

  • Care Information

    Do not get magnet wet or there is a risk the colors will bleed.