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Image by Alfred Kenneally

My first batch of soap

(Scent: Mint Chocolate)

My first time making soap!

(with the friend who made it all possible)

Meet Nectaria

I absolutely love all sorts of arts and crafts, and my business is a result of following that passion. I want to help others succeed in their businesses by offering fun, unique designs that help differentiate makers in their markets.


How did I get into this, you might wonder. I started as a soapmaker. I first discovered handmade soap when a friend began making it and gave me some of her soap. I admit that I was a liquid soap person, so my husband was the first to try it.  Every time I planned a visit with my friend, my husband told me to get more soap. On one such visit, we planned a girls' day where we all made soap. I instantly fell in love and on my drive home, I picked up several books on soap making and put in my first order for supplies!  

I began making soap, and soon there was too much for my family to use (and I was running out of room to store it), so I started gifting soap to family and friends. They kept coming back for more, and Soapfistication was born. 

Making soap introduced me to several other  handmade bath and body products.  I began making bath bombs in 2019 and then learned about solid bubble bath (so much fun!) As I expanded my product line and took classes, I discovered 3D printed bath bomb molds. Oh my gosh, I was so excited!! I could make such fun designs, and I found it soooo much easier to use these mold styles than what I had been using in the past. 

Eventually I decided to purchase my own 3D printer so I could print my own molds. I was quickly disappointed with the quality of designs that were being offered for sale - most I purchased did not seem to be designed by people who knew what makes a good bath bomb mold. I decided it was time to learn how to design my own molds. I found someone who knew design software and I paid her to teach me the software, giving her the elements I felt needed to be included to make a good bath bomb mold. I never expected to sell my designs, but when I shared my creations, other makers were quick to ask to purchase my molds. It wasn't long before Soapfistication grew to become a bath bomb mold business. 

Because I've used some 3D printed molds that *looked* fine, but didn't end up working well with bath bomb mix, I decided I wouldn't sell a mold design that I hadn't tested with bath bomb mix. I started a Facebook Group (Soapfistication Bath Bomb Molds Help Group), and test many of my potential new molds in that group. (Yes, there are failures, and I do sometimes have to go back and re-design something...and other times I just can't get that design to work and it never goes on sale.) 

Over the years, I've received many requests to sell my mold files and in 2023 I decided to begin offering select designs for sale. I'm excited to see what comes next and am grateful to everyone who makes it all possible!

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