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mini & small molds

Do you like to make small and/or mini molds?  Then this section is for you! Small molds generally make less than 100 gram / 4 oz bath bombs, while mini molds generally make 30 gram / 1 oz or less bath bombs!

Mini molds are generally available as a single mold and/or a multi-mold.  Use the single molds to make one mini bath bomb at a time, perfect for the end of your batch when you just don't have enough mix to make another full size bath bomb.  If you are planning to make a batch of minis (like for advent calendars, gift sets, and/or samples), you're going to want to use the multi-mini mold. It takes about the same amount of time to make several minis as it would to make just one!

Please note that molds are printed to order in the order received.  Processing time will normally be approximately 1 - 2 weeks, and may increase to 3 - 4 weeks during sale periods. Check website header for dates currently being printed.