Calming Cedarwood Shower Steamers (Set of 3)

Calming Cedarwood Shower Steamers (Set of 3)


These shower steamers are made with cedarwood atlas essential oil.


WARNING: Due to the large concentration of essential oils in shower steamers, do not use them like regular bath bombs.  They should be used in the shower only to release the scent.


To use: unwrap and take a shower steamer with you into the shower.  Wet the shower steamer under the water to get it started, then place it at the far end of the bath/shower out of the direct spray of the water but so that it is still slightly sprinkled by the running water.  As it begins to fizz, fragrance is released into the steam, and your shower is filled with the aromatherapy scents of the shower steamer!  To adjust the strength of the scent, you can move the steamer closer or further from the direct stream of water.  For an even stronger scent, the steamer can be placed in a soap dish or ledge closer to you.  

  • Price and Currency

    Price is for three (3) shower steamers in US dollars.