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We are working on opening a retail location in Oakville, ON. Well, when I say "we", I mean "I", since I am a one-woman business! Due to the time required to get the shop ready, I am not able to keep the website up-to-date with my product availability. I am also planning to re-brand my cosmetics line when I open my shop, so will be offering my products under a different name on a different website.


My goal is to re-launch under my new name in May 2023. If you are signed up for the email list, you will receive more information as I get closer to launch date.

Thank you for your support and understanding. 


Tammi D. (Guelph, ON)

That 70s Soap handmade by Soapfistication

Lana B. (Hamilton, ON)

I just wanted to let you know  how MUCH the WHOLE family is enjoying the lilac handsoap! It is AMAZING! Never stop making it!

Handmade soap by Soapfistication

Belinda C. (Toronto, ON)

I purchased a smorgasbord of soaps to give away as gifts as well as some for me. Every single person has loved them. They are beautiful, lovely to use, and honestly just absolutely amazing.

Handmade wine soap by Soapfistication

Great soap! Smells good! Cleans your hands REALLY WELL! Natural!!!

Natural Bath Bomb by Soapfistication

Kate R. (Hamilton, ON)

This was probably the best smelling bath bomb I've ever used and the rose petals were so elegant. My skin feels amazing and I feel so chill now.

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